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If you're looking for an inexpensive, tailor-made, simple website by an approachable designer then maybe I can help.

I'm a self-taught web-designer and I've set up Dundarroch Web Design to help people who would like websites made to their own specifications, by someone they can trust.

I can do everything you need to go from having a few ideas on a scrap of paper to having a great-looking website up and running, findable on Google and other search engines.

I'll arrange to lease a website name of your choice for you, (you can only lease website names, not buy them); I'll arrange a web-host - someone with powerful computers that are always on which your website can be based; and I'll design a website for you to your specifications - and with the option for you to make changes once the website is complete.

I can also maintain the website for you, to make sure it continues to work, and add on any further material or functions you want as time goes on.

Prices start from 300.

To see examples of my work please visit:





If you're interested please email me at:


or call me on: 07779 252735